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If im being honest there is nothing i can praise you guys for.. because everyone in the comments haas already said them but I fell in love with this  VN after day 1 and have been following the updates ever since and I cant wait for more material from you guys 10/10

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A very good VN; I was scrolling through the deepest results of what I searched and found this. I admit, I didn't play it yet for a week after installing it, but it was really worth it when I tried. The first 2 chapters broke my sleep schedule hahaha..

I wasn't used to the art at first, I'm an artist so it's the first thing I notice. Although, I think the artstyle of the characters is very cute. And the background style is perfect, it has this crayon-y texture and it looks dreamy, it's perfect because I can imagine Robert, the MC, has this vibrant yet nostalgic look and feeling to the world.

I really like the story because the pacing doesn't bore me, I don't like it when a single event is written in very long paragraphs. I also didn't expect to like ALL the characters, they were written so well (although Gus is my fav, sorry a bit biased since hes just so chill and cool, his design is so cute, and im chasing for him). Especially with Hector's improvement, he's not just this stereotypical nerd character, he made me love him after what he did to Mike and Rob. I think that Hector has one of the best character developments in the story, I can really see his connection with the group improving greatly. It's unusual for me to connect emotionally with a story, yet Cor made me care for ALL the characters.

I'm excited for the update. And I feel bad I couldn't share this game to my friends, I'm a private guy haha..

Anyways, great VN and had a nice experience, and I'm kind of thinking rn, I wanna make a fanart on this at some time..

Remember that sleeping is important, Cor will be there for when you wake up ^^

Thank you very much for your high praise, especially regarding the characters, it's inspirational to help us keep doing our best! And don't worry, sharing the game with others is appreciated, but not necessary, we're aware we're not for everyone.

If you end up doing fanart, feel free to send us a DM on Twitter or tag us! We'd love to see it!


I loved day six the realisation and change Robert has done is quite inspiring and actually gave me a lot to think about with my life which I really appreciate thank you:)

The new character development between Mike and Faust, Gus and the rest of the group is beautiful and makes me so happy.

And quick note the aspect of Jacobs spirit looking over Robert with occasional dialogue prompts between the two was a good addition in my opinion.

Anyway keep up the great work as always and I'll be excited and waiting for more:)


We're happy to hear you liked Day 6! Hopefully we can help other people with this story, and hearing it inspired you fills me with a lot of joy ^^ Thank you for letting us know!


rare for me find vn were i get so emotionally invested. 

I really hope you can put Gus into your suitcase to go back home


Ah, yes, the "Suitcase" ending. You get it by making space for Gus by throwing away all of Ed's comics (impossible)

Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far!


The VN will have 10 days instead of 15 ?

That just means that I'll get the best ending with my furry husbandos much sooner <3 

I can't wait to see how the story will progress !


That's a very good mentality to have! We'll make sure those days are packed with content ^^


We re-uploaded the updates to fix an error where the faces of two characters disappeared in the beginning of a CG. Whoops! It shouldn't be a problem anymore <3


God Mike and Faust's interactions make me want a poly route with them so bad,,, they're all so sweet and Robert is an even cuter twink thrown in the mix lmao 

Honestly I totally agree with this, it would be so cute


This story is really imperfect but I must tell you, your story is in my top favourites. I knew right after I started to read it in November of 2020, like  the visuals of the characters are "weak", but I had a feeling it's something special. Fuck, who needs brainless Bara novel when you have Cor?

Anyway, I just realised today why your story is so great and it's because your own world. It's your own desire and the reason why you are so good at it is a bit of a blur to me, but it feels like you are an other-wordly visitor.

This is why your imperfect story is just perfect. It's about the desires to escape to another great world and this is what I want to.

I don't think it's as planned as others mentioned, like because of the bg and anything, it's simple, the story is your view. You selected the right bg's by your feelings. Everything is in match. Your masterpiece is just gives the "calm" vibes because it's, I dunno how should I put it in words... What I want to say is, I don't think you stress it. It has it's own natural laws and this is why I describe it as "calm". No rush, no hurry, everything has its time. I want more. ♡ Man, I always knew this is a special one, but this is the second or the third story what gave me the biggest chills on my spine. I missed to sleep with Mike though.


Thank you so much for the genuine words! I'll never get tired to read people's thoughts.

I'm definitely remembering "an other-worldly visitor" and "imperfect is just perfect" and putting them on my wall, I'm absolutely happy to hear this. I always wanted to create my own little world that I could share with people, and make stories in it. Hopefully, I'll improve overtime, but I'm just happy that people are enjoying this one already. Really, I hugely appreciate it ^^

I'm glad to hear that it gives you those vibes, because calm is definitely one of the things I wanted to transfer with this story. It's ok to take a break sometimes after all.

Mike will be more available soon, that I can promise lol


Sweet words, thank you too. :) It always fills my heart with joy if I can make somebody happy. :) But I may have a bit of a mean request. At this visual novel, please don't improve, because you will lose it's magic and this is the last thing I want to. The art style also has it's "icon" to the game.

I wish I could work on mine vn too, I just can't stop focusing on my draw-style, but still I can't stand the feeling if it's not the best of me, I will never improve to the level I want to because I will feel like it's never enough what I can do. But certainly, nice stories always make me to gather my hopes and the will to try again. :)


So,.. wow.  Really wasnt expecting the story to go where it goes, when I first decided to read it.  My first thoughts were hummm this art work is odd, not sure I like it but maybe the story is good / better.

Then I started reading and right away you can just tell there is alot going with the subtext of all thats not being said.  I was right, I think.  The story really is alot better than the art.   But actually maybe there's a reason the art is the way it is.  With writing this good, there is no way they just settled for "whatever" art could be had at hand.

The story continued to pull me in, and the art becomes "comfortable."  Its like a touch stone, something cute and light to counter the ever growing depths of feelings the story and the characters are experiencing.  But honestly by the end of the currently available content, I realize even the art work isnt enough to keep the tears from rolling down my face.

I have come to the conclusion that the artwork is actually a purposeful facade.  Its meant to lull you into not taking things seriously, into thinking this is going to be something cutesy and fun, so you dont see how deep the water is, until your drowning in the tears.  I'll be honest I found it to be extremely effective.


I have to admit, this is a very interesting take for me, because, in a way, you're right in that I "settled" with my style instead of trying to aim for one more usual in these kind of VNs, and I did it with a specific intention, but it's also not the one you stated there, since the idea was to just "give it a shot", take it as a chance to learn more ^^

That being said! I'm very glad to hear it caused that impression to you, it's a really interesting way for me to see it or even play around with. Thanks for letting us know! 

We hope you continue to enjoy Cor in general!


Awwww Im sad that I was wrong in my take on How the art work came to be the way it is.  But it honestly did have that effect on me.  It really grows on you, and the juxtaposition between the style and the story, imagine for a moment (if your old enough to know what im talking about) Big bird, cookie monster, and the gang taking the places of these characters (aside from a very few and short AOish moments, honestly the rest of the story could work with those characters too.)  They are characters you are comfortable with, and Imagining them having suffered through things, and currently trying to work through such adult situations really just really brings home how heart crushing it is, and how down to earth and legitimately real it is to have these discussions with each other, be there for each other.

Either way Im seriously invested in your story.  The tears are real but they are worth it.


Ok, I'm officially a fan of this take. I love the way you just described it, and it made me so happy and so proud of using this artstyle for this story. Thank you so much! More will definitely be coming very soon, hope you enjoy it ^^


In the last two days, it took me fourteen hours to play through the current flow of this game. The main thing I played was the Gus plot line. Of course I play slowly, so it took me a little longer.

The first thing that attracted me to play this game is the unique art style of this game, a kind of childhood painting out of the feeling. I personally like this style.

The second point is about the theme of furry

Deep play this game, I found that the game plot to my feeling is very deep, each character's personality characteristics are different. I personally like Gus, the characters are very well drawn. In the fourth day of the plot, Gus expressed the feeling of abandonment back then, immersive, playing also expressed great sympathy for this.

Finally, I look forward to the next ten days of the game's plot direction, and look forward to the game updates after.

The above comments are machine translation, my personal English level is not very good. So may not be able to read my comments ( ̄ω ̄;)


Hello! It's alright, practice makes perfect, and it's honestly pretty good!

Cor is supposed to be a story that requires no rush, so always take your time when playing it!

We're glad to hear you're enjoying it so far, and we hope the next updates do that too! Thanks for playing and taking your time to let us know!


I don't personally read a whole lot of visual novels but I can easily say this is my favourite one, the art style is nothing next gen but is great and honestly quite homily, the set up and continuing story is fantastic, it's a mix of being emotional, chill, engaging and just very interest capturing and finally and in my opinion the best part, the characters there dialogue, personalities and different paths are there own form of art, Hector reserved but excited, Mike outgoing yet understanding, Gus foolhardy yet sensitive, Faust stern but considerate, Edward thoughtfull but anxious, overall its a beautiful way to make characters (My personal fav is Gus) and of course the y/n of the game Robert the way he was designed is in itself quite intriguing making such a emotionally driven character that can portray a variety of emotions that are so fitting for them no matter what decisions get made and showing his flaws in small doses combined with back story that builds up on itself after time and other interactions and choices to keep the pace of enjoyment but also seriousness, which despite many people trying and failing to pull off in a successful manner here it just seems in the right place.

Side note:I do love the involvement of unique abilities within the in story world and characters but having it used as a occasion thing instead of a gigantic part of the novel was honestly the right way to go well done!

Anyway that's it sorry for being so damm long I just wanted to express how I feel about this vn, you lot are doing a fantastic job keep it up I do understand motivation is usually a once in a lifetime kind of thing to have but your still getting through it and I can't wait till the next update have a great day folk!


Thank you very much for your kind words! And sorry that we took this long to reply to you, it's been a busy month.

Yes, the personal powers are something that are part of everyone's life, but it's not going to be the focus of this story. It's just something that exists, and that's it. Won't get more relevant than it has been in this last update.

We hope you have a great day too!


Don't worry about it I'm glad you did take the time to read this and I'm sure this month would have been exhausting but you continue to push through, I've read the update and am up to my heels in excitement keep your work going it's amazing and so are you guys:)


I don't read many VNs but I made an account to say this one is probably my favorite. Exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for! It's so good and I hope more people find it. 


I meant to leave a comment here a while ago, since I did end up playing through all the content available (a couple of times), and I really enjoyed all of it. I have a few peeves with the writing/characterization, but they're honestly quite insignificant, and I could see how some of those elements I didn't quite love serve to either set the groundwork for future developments, or keep the pacing of each route more manageable in terms of how relationships evolve over time. 

It's very refreshing to have a cast of characters where everyone is likable in a distinct way. It's rare for me to find a VN where I can clearly tell "yeah, he's definitely not my type", yet still feel compelled to know more about them and be friends with them, whether to see how they'll act as their feelings change, or how the group dynamic might change in the long term, since one of the most enjoyable aspects of Cor is seeing these characters interact with each other, care for each other and share their experiences, be them joyful or otherwise.
On top of that, and on a more personal note... it was hard not to feel a certain connection with the setting and with Robert, having strong feelings of nostalgia for seaside towns, and relating to him for a number of reasons, among other things that made me feel quite immersed while I was reading.  

All this is to say that I'm already missing Cor, so I've been writing a dumb self indulgent Mike fanfic for a while just to fill the void while I wait for an update :x 

Keep up the good work!


Hello! Thank you very much for your thoughts, they're super appreciated ^^ Feel free to tell us about those peeves if you want, since we're aware there's room for improvement.

We're also really happy to hear about that, since, while Cor is a dating sim and those things will happen, it's also a friendship journey, and we want that to count even in other routes, and not only with Robert, so hearing "he's not my type" and see people are still interested in them is one of the highest compliemnts someone can give us. Thank you <3

As for the fanfic, I don't know about everyone else, but I'm definitely curious, so if you ever want to share it, I'd love to give it a read!

Overall, we'll post a devlog in a few days since it's been a while, but all this support is really helping us moving forward with this project. We thank you all for this~


Regarding my peeves, I do think they're not all that relevant since they're elements that have their place in the story one way or another. One of them is how every character seems to enjoy physical intimacy from the get go, and it comes off a bit artificial to me how everyone ends up wanting to cuddle with Robert from day 1, even when it's something unusual for them, specially with Hector not being too much of a physical person, but I can see that being somewhat necessary to better homogenize relationship development across the different routes, to some extent, which also makes sense considering they're not gonna stay in Cor for an indefinite amount of time.

Another peeve of mine was the introduction of powers, though it's not much an issue when I consider the possibilities they present for future events, and while I do think they'd be better off in a different story focused on the more supernatural side of their world (along with the miracle caves and whatnot), I don't really mind them as long as they're there mostly for flavor and don't slow down the pace of the story, as in, not replacing relationship development time with long exposition segments or something like that.

Other than that, there's only a few things I can think of, like Hector suddenly doing such a good psychological intervention, which for a while felt like an excuse to bring him into the spotlight, since he hadn't had a more serious plot-relevant scene just yet, but it still made sense for him to act the way he did.
Oh, and I did find the "fanservice scenes" on day 3 a bit odd for Faust in particular, the heat transferring thing seemed a bit out of nowhere, and while Hector's was a bit much, it still felt in-character, just showing a more reckless side of him, so it's mostly Faust's that felt a bit off to me.

Anything else I could think of regarding criticism would probably be just a small nitpick, like me wanting Ed to not wear his beanie once in a while cuz I really like how his hair looks 😌

I wouldn't really share my fanfic since, for the most part, I consider it too self indulgent and NSFW (aka a bit trashy lol), but it's been fun to write while waiting for an update, it's helped me realize that there are many ways the story and its characters could go, since I've been considering many things that are already in the story, even if only mentioned briefly, like Mike's family, Rob's relationship with Jacob, Faust's personal goals and desires, the things Gus has done while Rob and Ed were away during all those years, their lives at Morelin... among other things that I've enjoyed coming up with, and a couple twists I have yet to write.
It's also been a very good excuse to gush about my favorite characters in a more meaningful way, with Mike being my fav at the moment.

That being said, I'm very excited to see whatever's coming in the future, and I'm glad to know we're getting a new devlog soon, so I'll be waiting patiently. Thanks for the hard work and do stay safe!


Thanks for your thoughts, really! I understand those points, although I'm glad most of them still make sense even when they happen.

I can confirm that the power thing is mostly a flavor thing to add to my own world (and because, ideally, I'd like to continue working on other stories after Cor). While it has some relevancy, as it's something that exists, it's never going to be the main point of this story in particular.

As for the beanie, I will definitely consider it in a future update, so, when you see that happen, it'll be because of you c:

Overall, thanks for taking your time telling us about your thoughts, and stay safe too!


AHHHHH!!!! YES! I really love a story with themes of trauma/mystery/terror.  Updates may be slow, but I'll patiently wait for them. Thank you!

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might be spoiler! 

one thing that not poiler tho is that this game is really good

god it hard to tell who dom who sub who top who bottom XD if you have clue pls tell me i want to be perfectly prepare


Thank you very much! As for the question, I'm afraid I can't give that up yet, but the characters will give you hints or directly tell you overtime if when it actually happens ^^


P̶l̶e̶a̶s̶e̶,̶ ̶l̶e̶t̶ ̶R̶o̶b̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶c̶h̶o̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶b̶o̶t̶t̶o̶m̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶m̶ ̶l̶o̶l̶


i will be waiting 

\(0_0)/  >stare<

Goodness folk are so down bad 🤣

Can't blame them tho 


I have a question for the very talented developer of this great game : Are all the characters available as romance routes that Robert can pursue, or is it only Gus ?


Thank you very much for the compliment~ As for the answer, all the characters will be available as romance routes. All you have to do is make sure you spend the most time with them and, soon in the future, you'll be in their route!


Thank you for your answer. I'm glad to know that everyone has their respective routes. 

I can't wait for Day 6. Your game is just that good <3


This game is really interesting! The characters in the game are unique and have their own unique characters, which is one of my favorite reasons! Another reasons is that I like Mike very much. The story between him and Robert is very interesting, especially Robert and Mike holding hands on the bus. I look forward to their development in the future^^

Such a good work is free. Thank you so much! I sincerely hope that this work can prosper day by day. If the update is slow, it is necessary to ensure the quality. In fact, it is better to update faster (^▽ ^ *)) In addition, I wish you a happy New Year! (is it time to update the log)

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I'm surprised how much I fell in love with Cor. The characters are unique and expressive, while also feeling natural. The group dynamics are a joy to read. I especially like the deeper, serious parts, or the hints thereof. This VN is such a fun ride and there's never a boring moment! The writing is really high quality.

The art is simplistic, but pleasant. Some of the arms and hands look a bit weird, but it's not a big deal for me personally. The sprites have as much personality as the writing itself.

The plot is basically friends on a vacation, so in terms of complexity it's nothing to write home about. (Right now I'm halfway into day 3). The characters are complex though, and that's what matters most. I'm also really glad that the protagonist is distinct, and not one of those passive "blank slate" protagonists, as the commenter before me said it.

I wish you guys best of luck in developing this charming VN. Take all the time you need! I know it's not easy. Nobody is mad if it takes time between new builds. We're happy if you keep us updated. You're very pro-consumer, because on top of this being free, you're using the per-creation model on patreon and there being no paywalled benefits. I hope this will grow a bigger following, because this is one of the better furry VNs. Thanks for making this and good luck! uwu


First of all, thank you very much! Those are definitely words that pushes us to try harder, it's really, really appreciated ^^

I know the art is not the highest quality, but, in a way, I made the decision to go into this project with my own artstyle, even if I knew it would push away some people (nothing wrong with that, I get it). Cor is a bit of a personal story of mine, though, so it woud have felt wrong to get someone else to do the assets, even if they'd end up looking better (although I'd say different, but... You know what I mean lol). Besides, it's a good chance for me to improve in that aspect, as long as people don't mind too much~

We're really glad to hear about the characters feeling complex, because that's absolutely where we wanted to nail it. It's been really encouraging to see people taking them seriously when needed and enjoying them. It's really humbling~

As for the time and Patreon, we hugely appreciate it. We'll still try to get things done a bit faster, but we know we're not being rushed, and we hope we can make each update worth it as a result <3 Also, we never wanted to make Cor as a monetary product. The only reason Patreon is up is in case people REALLY wanted to support us so we could occassionally hire some help here and there. We've always tried to make that clear, the game will be produced with or without money, that's for sure ^^

Overall, sorry for the long reply, but there were a few points I wanted to respond to, and it's highly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to play it and let us know how you feel about it~!


Oh please, your Art are fine but what draw us to Cor is How high-quality story are! Keep it up, I am enjoying this Vn so far.


bruh your art style is one of the reasons i love this vn so much, too many vns go for the usual hot dudes, i like this fluffy style so much


I'm usually not a fan of slice-of-life VNs, but I'm really liking Cor. The characters are all very enjoyable, but the biggest surprise was probably the MC. Not only did you successfully avoid the "blank slate" MC character problem, but Robert is probably my favorite character of the whole bunch, quirky, flawed, and cute! xP

Keep up the good work!

I would also like to report two "mistakes" (I think?):

- If you share a room with Edward, on Day 4 at a certain point you enter the wrong bedroom. It happens when the narrator says "I silently enter the room, not sure if Ed fell asleep... [etc.]"

- If you sleep on the couch, at a certain point the other characters offer you to switch places if you ever get tired of it. All but Hector, who says he'll fight for his spot.

Later, when the MC thinks about asking one of the others to switch places, he thinks that Hector would be the most enthusiastic about sleeping on the couch. This passage was slightly jarring to read: Hector was the only one who specifically did not offer.


Damn, that is high praise, thank you very much!

The room error is one that has been there since the previous update and I completely forgot to fix it lmao, I'm definitely keeping it in mind for the next one. As for the other one, I see what you mean, and you're right. I don't remember exactly when that happens, but I'll definitely look it up.

Again, thanks a lot for reporting these! It's hard to keep track to everything, so mistakes are bound to happen, this helps me fix them next time ^^


i really like this visual novel!
the way that the art looks really goes well with the theme of the story, and the art in general looks amazing.
i cant wait for the next update!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the compliment about the art, since I know it's not the usual artstyle for VNs of this style. I'm glad to see people enjoy it~


Ahhhh its finally here tysm


Happy New Year for you too! ^^


Love this visual novel, I'm glad a friend recommended it, I hope an update will come soon, keep it up! 

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I've had this VN on my list for quite some time but never had the time to sit down and read it. I finally managed to read it tho, and oh boi i should've done this sooner. 

It was a pleasent suprise, it was so much more than i expected, every character has such distinct and interesting personality, even the stereotype characters such as Mike being the athletic flirty guy comes off as unique and not bland, not being the victim of his own character archetype. They have multiple layers to them like onions :D

The entire Vn is just adorable, warm and inviting.

When it comes to character building you guys set the bar high.

I have high expectations for this project, keep up the good work. 

ps: the art stlye is cute af


Thank you very much for taking your time playing it and sending us your thoughts! It's really, really appreciated. We're really glad to hear people taking these characters seriously, since we're working hard on them, trying to make them feel as genuine as possible, so this... This is high praise for us, thanks a lot, really!

We'll make a small devlog in a day or two to let people know how things are going and to appreciate these comments, they're really moving us forward~


it is so cute and cool made i like it thanks


Great VN! Sadly, last update on it was in September. If you guys have a discord, I would love to join!

Thank you very much! Yeah, progress is very slow, since we're a very small team, but it's sure to come, still working on it! 

We don't have a Discord, sadly, but feel free to message us on Twitter if you have any question, recommendation or, well, anything at all! ^^

(1 edit) (+3)

hey I was wondering, what is the date that this game will get updates at per month? (I assumed it's monthly, right?)  


Well, as much as we'd love to have monthly updates, we realize that's not a realistic thing for us, being a small team and all that. That being said, we'll try to give small devlog updates each month so people know what's going on, at the very least!


Ah, thank you for the response, and I hope you can you make some more updates for this great game.  


I got this recommended by a friend and honestly, i loved it more than i thought i would. The game feels charming and the cast of characters all seem interesting and have their own distinct personality which makes them a joy to read about. (The dynamic gus and rob have together is so cute jhdbfkgbm, well actually between all of them but those two specifically)

I'm excited to see where this story will lead ^^, thank you for making this adorable vn and best of luck in further development!


Thank you very much for your kind words! We're really glad to hear it caused a good impression in you. We'll keep working on it, little by little but for sure!

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You know, I already had this opinion before this new day came out. But now I'm just even more convinced. I have to be totally honest here..

Gus is best boi. Fite me.

I love how Gus just knows how to tease the living hell out of Rob, but at the same time he can be forward with his feelings, all while respecting boundaries and actually communicating how he feels about the whole thing!

Like, there's a lot of people that could learn from this xD

I look forward to seeing more Gus cuddles, but also more teasing :D

P.S.: I can REALLY relate to Rob's reluctance about going further with people. I love how this VN takes its time with people, but it doesn't feel like the pacing is slow at all.


We're really glad to hear that you're enjoying the experience (and Gus), but overall, those last words. We're trying to make it feel like things are flowing at a natural pace, like they normally would, so hearing that is very, very nice <3 Thank you very much!


I must agree. Gus is best boi.


love the new day. I ended up mostly doing stuff with Gus because...Gus is just super cool. I did not expect him to be so forward, though. Either way though, I liked it! Rob looks pretty snazzy in his new outfit, and I learned a lot about Ed near the end. Loving the twists and turns, and Rob's musical ability. So glad I found this game!


Super glad to hear that! Genuinely happy to see you're enjoying the game so far ^^ We hope the next ones don't disappoint either!


I’m excited for this update! Thanks for keeping us up to date!🐊


Thank you for checking on us! We hope you'll enjoy it c:


Ooh. This has been really fun to play so far. The art style really drew me in, it's super cute! The characters are also really neat, and are very expressive, which I really enjoy! Good job!


Very glad to hear about this! Thank you very much. After several months of working , we're a few steps away from uploading the next Day, so stay tuned~!


Spoiler/slight criticism. Kept to a minimum.

Loving the game so far definitely gonna follow it through the end. It's a bit all over the place at times at first I thought it was gonna be a super serious game with what Mike talks about but the sudden super power(?) Involvement through me off. Interested to see where it goes hoping it winds up within my top five(big name vns here). 


Thank you so much! Glad to hear you're enjoying it ^^

To be fair, the power stuff was planned from the beginning, and it's not important for this story, it's only important to know that they exist, but I figured it wouldn't sit right with some people. 

It's still good to hear so I have a better idea on how to aim the subject in the future. Thanks for taking your time with this, and we hope it'll be worth it~


I Really love your game and characters design I promise i will follow your game until it's end :D


Thank you very much! We know it's going to be a long journey, but we appreciate the support a lot~


cannot wait to see how this vn progress's 


We're glad to hear you're enjoying it~


Very amazing game right here, from start to the end of the current version ive been hooked and will now be eagerly awaiting for the next update, and also thank you so much, you literally helped me with my confidence problem right now. Thanks to you, I do my best with a project i have been delaying since last year, good luck to your team and keep up the good work okie ^_^

Thank you so much to you for playing up until now! It means the world to us. And we're really glad to hear we've helped someone somehow, it's important to do what you like doing after all c: Definitely let us know how that goes with time, ok?


So far I'm absolutely loving this VN's art style and story telling, but I have a few questions I would like to ask before I get too deep into it?

We're glad to hear that! And sure thing, you can ask us here or in our twitter DMs if you prefer. That being said, depending on the question, we might not be able to answer yet, keep that in mind.

That's okay, I'm fine with waiting a bit for answers, here are my questions:

Will there be an endgame of dating/romancing one of the characters?

And when you say adult content, do you mean there will be explicit/sexual art or animations?


Yes, one of our objectives was to make a game that could have an ending where you end up being with someone romantically or figuring things out together... Or not. Either way, in both cases, it'd be a positive ending.

And yes, even if I prefer to focus on the subtle things, there is and will be explicit art when it happens.


Thank you so much for your speedy response, I plan on diving head first into this VN and if all goes well I will recommend it to my friends, have a wonderful week!

Actually i'm coward to download. Why? Because i don't want my heart to rip off again. Almost i glued back it's half, but really, i'm too sensitive.


Well, don't feel forced if this is not your thing or if you don't feel like it's something you'd play right now, it's absolutely fine!

That being said, if you want to try it, this VN's aiming to be a light hearted, positive experience, and, even if there'll be drama happening here and there, it'll always be treated with respect and aiming for the best.  If this sounds like your thing... You're more than welcome~

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Yap, it totally suits my taste, i just downloaded. Actually this is my 14th visual novel what i read and of course 15th times broke my heart to pieces. xd But i'm still on the train in your masterpiece, but i enjoy. :D I hope there are spicy nsfw contents too. ;) xd


I seriously fell in love with this game. The characters are so expressive, both in their sprites and in their dialogue. The writing is seriously good too and invoked a lot of feelings. It was a joy reading this from beginning to end!

I'm very much looking forward to following this project. Thank you for this great experience :)


Thank you very much! We're very happy to hear you enjoyed it. More will come in due time, and thank -you- for playing it~!


Hmm, it coul be one of two things, I think. The PC version should be supported both for Windows and Linux, so, either you're using a different one, or maybe the extraction of the files is causing the problem?

is the a way to fix it 

the download is not working for me something about the the hex flies

Oh, which version are you trying to download? Pc, Mac or Android?

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