Devlog 0.3.2 (Update info (again))

Hello, people! I'm aware that today is April 1st, but I'm not going to go that route, don't worry. I just wanted to keep everyone who's interested informed about this project and how it's going once a month, and today's that time, even if it's at the same time as The Funny Funny Times lol.

Again, I really appreciate the people that are supporting us. I know I'm posting this, like, in every devlog, but it means the world to us. This is a long term project, and we know it's going to take a long time to have this finished, especially with our work rhythm, but it's what we can afford. Because of that, people that keep supporting us with their thoughts on the game, their follows and ratings or even their monetary support in Patreon (which only happens when we upload with a full Day of content, obvs) mean everything to us. This is a shoutout for you. Thank you, you're all awesome, and you're a huge part of why we're continuing with this <3

That being said, this month hasn't been the most productive from my part. Not only I'm stuck in a part of the script, but my tablet stopped working for a while, and that kinda killed my mood to write or do anything. I have a new tablet now, and I've been testing it and getting used to it, but I still have the feeling that some of the art might not look the same because I'm still... It feels different lol.  So I took the rest of the month to myself, to get used to it with time, to gather some ideas. This means that there's still quite a bit of work from our part to do until we finish Day 4, but also that we're still at it.

There is another thing that I wanted to mention, and I'm sure no one would complain about it, but... I've been thinking of trying to sketch different situations with the cast of Cor that won't happen in the game, just to draw them and to have some content, but since it wont' really be canon, it's something that worried me. I'll probably do it anyway, but, what do you all think about it? It'd be interesting to know what you think about this ^^

So... That's it for now, for the most part! We hope you have a safe April 1st (and a safe April in general) and we'll see you soon, hopefully!

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Interesting enough, each of them appears to have some subtle ability, only 2 are revealed thus far, so who says these scenes can't be part canon, so long as they are group? A "If this happened, this would be the result" thing, of situations that aren't exactly on par for the tone of the VN.  It would be limited to only what would be possible for them to do, but can go as far as things that aren't so lighthearted/innocent, but certainly nothing dark.  It would be about exploring the boundaries of the dynamics of the group and their personalities.

Hmm, I see what you mean. I plan to develop the characters fully throughout the story per se, but it's an interesting thought, getting to know them outside of the context of the game. You have given me a bit to think about~


I am 100% on board with non-canon art for fun! The valentine drawings with the Cor cast is one of my favorite pieces!


D'awwr, that's very nice to hear~ I'll definitely keep it in mind then, thanks for letting me know!


Dont think anyone would complain about more amazing art. Well i can sadly there some ass-hats who would say ''your not focusing on the project'', they're tools. Im more than happy with seeing more art from you doesn't  need to be cannon.


That's where my mentality takes me sometimes too, like "am I wasting time if I draw something that is not canon OR not even related to Cor?", but I'm also learning that I kinda need that from time to time. I'll keep delivering, but, as much as I love this project, I can't live through it, and I don't think I'd enjoy doing so.

Anyway, this got long lol, thanks a lot for the support, and I'll make sure to at least bring little pics here and there between the updates <3